The Angry Admin Chronicles – The Cough

AngryAdmin Title2

Reason # 32 for wanting to work from home

For the last year, I’ve worked next to someone who coughs all day. Literally, all day. Cough, clear, clear, clear. Just like that. Cough, clear, clear. It goes on for the entire day.

And the boss thought that an open floor plan was a good idea. Not only is this person perpetually sick, leaving me to dodge cooties and Lysol everything every chance I get, but I have to listen to fits of coughing all day, every day, for months – not weeks – months on end.

I imagine that I’ll look up one day to see an open festering wound in this person’s neck. There’s no way someone can cough non-stop without causing some internal damage. I mean it’s cough, cough, cough, clear, clear, clear. Cough, clear, clear. All. Day.

I asked the boss to work from home for one day out of the week. I am handling their incoming revenue after all. And cough, cough, clear, clear, is  not conducive to clear thinking or concentration.

“There’s value in being in the office. You hear the conversations and you learn more about what’s going on.”

Right. Training should’ve done that.

Cough clear

*Photo by Volkan Olmez on Unsplash

Cough, cough, clear, clear, clear. That’s the most important thing going on around me. And the boss is right. I’ve learned that this person does not believe in taking medicine of any kind until bronchitis or pneumonia sets in. No cough syrup or Halls or Ricola. Nothing. It’s not that these things don’t work. This person just won’t even try to stop the cough, clear, clear.

I’ve also learned that if you hear the same annoying sound repeated constantly over a long period of time, you will develop a nervous tick. You’ll start to go def from the high volume the music in your ear buds is set on to drown out the cough, clear, clear, clear. You will spend one third of your salary on headache medicine from rolling your eyes a thousand times a day.

Most importantly, you’ll decide to launch a side business which will take off and be a million times more satisfying and earn you more money than the open floor plan, so much talking you can’t concentrate, nervous tick from cough, cough, clear, clear, ever could.

Hey cougher – thanks for the… uh… cough, cough, clear… motivation.

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