Women in Sci-Fi – What do you want to see?

Blog WomeninSciFi3

The writer in me would like to know…

What would you like to see or learn or read about when it comes to women in sci-fi? And I don’t mean, what does Ripley eat for breakfast? I’m talking about what kind of heroine or character or even alien would you like to see in a sci-fi movie or story that hasn’t been done to death already? Or do you want to know about the women who write science fiction regardless of their main character’s gender?

Warning: I am a writer. I’m asking these questions to either get story ideas or develop ideas that I am already working on. So if you don’t want me using your idea, don’t respond! Please. Cause if it’s good, I’m running with it.

This will be an ongoing series on my blog. I’m currently working on two completely different stories, so I’m curious about what people want to read about in sci-fi and fantasy. Because I write sci-fi and fantasy.

Please post your responses!!

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