We Rise by Lifting Others

Nixx-We Rise

This is what we’ve been taught.

The only way to advance is by stepping on the people around you. The only way to shine is to dim the light of everyone else. The only way to be heard is to talk louder than anyone who dares to speak until they no longer have a voice. In order to appear as though you are already enough, you have to show how much bigger you are than everyone else – whether you are or not.

This is the truth.

No one advances in a place where they are made to feel like they are less than, that they have nothing to offer, that they are a burden, and that they have no voice.

I do not need to outshine you. I do not need to know more than you. I do not need to be better than you. There’s what I’m good at and what you’re good at. And by learning from each other we both improve ourselves.

If you can’t recognize my value, then you will not take the time to teach me. And you will never be able to learn anything from me. Everyone has something to give, something to offer, something to communicate. There is no room to thrive in an it’s either me or you kind of atmosphere.

We are always learning and will always need to be learning. We all have something to give and something to get from the people we are surrounded by. We can get more done by learning from each other and working together instead of against each other. We are better together.

More truth.

For those of you in positions of power, you do not need to rule by fear. You do not need to rule at all. Guide, advise, teach, help, show someone the way. Allow yourself to be guided, take someone’s advice, be teachable, accept help, let others show you a new way.

We rise by lifting others. That’s the rule we should live and work by. That’s the rule that makes the most sense. People who are made to compete against each other are divided. And we’ve seen that divided does not work. Every man for himself only guarantees the success of one. All together promises the success of all.



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